About Us

There are places where happy people live. They have valleys that beckon with their greenery and mountains where thousands of streams begin their way. They have gardens that yield plentiful crops, and a tradition that has been passed through thousands of years to treat every gift of land with care. People who live in these places are happy because they appreciate what they have! And in this gratitude to nature, in this great love, the best is born - something in which Georgia has no equal - an amazing, unique wine.

There are many legends about how the first grapes appeared in this country. It seems like fate itself was predetermined, and after the 8,000 years of wine-related history, Georgia is rightfully considered to be the “cradle of wine. ” For Georgians, wine is not just a soul thing. There is no other country in the world where so many poems and songs are dedicated to the vine. Here people like to say: “A human is born to be happy, just like a bird is born to fly.” Well, that is what real Georgian wine is famous for – it gives you an incredibly uplifting feeling.

Georgia awaits! Here in any city, village, in any house and family, you will hear extraordinary stories about wine, and definitely get to try some. What if you can’t come? Allow yourself to enjoy a truly remarkable taste, choosing from the 800 selected wines from Kakheti, Kartli, Imereti, and other famous regions of the country.